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What is the Paleo Diet?

The diet is based on aligning the foods that we eat with what we are genetically programmed to eat. That is not to say that we aren’t always evolving and can adapt to modern foods, but they simply aren’t as nutrient dense and optimal to our genetic code. The result of eating processed foods, grains, legumes, and dairy – many of the foods that have only recently become a hallmark of the standard diet – can be less optimized health, chronic disease, and a whole host of other complications.

What do I eat on the Paleo Diet?

You eat totally awesome food, which consists of vegetables (with preference for organic and definitely not genetically modified), lean meats (when we say lean we mean any cut from grass fed or wild sources; not flank steak vs. ribeye), healthy fats and oil (avocado, coconut, olive, macadamia, etc.; not canola, vegetable and other trans fats) and fresh fruit (minimizing high sugar fruits to avoid glycemic spikes).

Is the Paleo Diet low carb?

The Paleo Diet is completely agnostic when it comes to carb intake with the exception that we want your carbs to come from foods like vegetables and some fruits. My general rule of thumb is to adjust your carb intake based on your activity level. That said, the Paleo Diet does tend to be lower carb that the standard American diet which have grains as a foundation of their diet.