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Paleo Kitchen

Welcome to Paleo Kitchen Stories. In our home we follow the Paleo diet (or as we say, the Paleo lifestyle). We believe it is very important to eat organic, natural ingredients. What you put into your body will not only make a difference on how you feel today but it will make a big difference in your health later on in life.

We love good food, good wine and good company. Our blog will teach you how to make the Paleo lifestyle fun. We want you to understand that eating healthy doesn’t mean no longer enjoying food. Our blog will have your family and friends talking for days about that amazing meal they had at your house the other night.

We will bring to you recipes that have been inspired to us through our travels; traditional meals with a healthy Paleo twist and desserts that you won’t even realize contain natural ingredients.


I have been co-owner of CrossFit Hoboken in Hoboken, New Jersey since 2010, and been active in the CrossFit community since 2007. The sense of community and camaraderie is unrivaled, and this is ultimately what inspired me as well as Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Loren Cordain, and the other godfathers of the Paleo movement. While lifting heavy things at high intensity helped take my fitness to a new level, I still felt lethargic from time to time. It wasn’t until I started eating Paleo that I felt a tremendous shift in my cognition, energy, and overall health.

That personal experience has lead me to want to give others the skill and know how to make Paleo a staple of their lifestyle. More importantly, if you make meals that taste AMAZING and aren’t too complicated, then it’s a lifestyle that is sustainable for anyone from a busy family to retired professionals. I am here to help you make amazing meals and make Paleo your foundation.


I have always had a strong passion for health and fitness. When I met Bennett, he introduced me to CrossFit and the Paleo lifestyle developing an even further interest in health and fitness. I love to bake; when I think of sweets it brings out my inner child. Recently I found out I have an egg allergy so I started experimenting with more egg-free desserts. My goal is to take great desserts and make them healthy.

It saddens me to see the majority of American families eating processed meals around a TV. Many of my memories from my childhood occurred around my parents’ dinner table. My goal for our blog is to reach out to American families and remind them that home-cooked organic meals can make a drastic difference. We will teach you to plan meals before you do your weekly food shopping, to do your food prep on the weekends and to make your weeknight dinners quicker and easier. Just because we all have busy lives doesn’t mean our diet and health should suffer.