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Paleo Pumpkin Chili


Dana loves everything pumpkin and the fall is the perfect time for it. In this recipe we combined two of our favorite things. Pumpkin and game day chili. Try this out for next weeks games. From our kitchen to yours, Bennett & Dana Ingredients 2... (more...)

‘8 Layers’ Zucchini and Meat Lasagna


I have tried several takes at making something that closely resembled actual Lasagna. With Dana being Italian, most of the attempts have been feeble and far from what she would call ‘Lasagna.’ This version uses a “nut cheese” made from cashews,... (more...)

Fish Taco Salad


Being a Seattle native, I am inclined to use wild salmon in this recipe; however, you might be more familiar with a fleshy white fish like cod for this salad.  Nonetheless, a nice cabbage base with some salsa and avocado cream makes for a delicious... (more...)



It probably goes with saying that this isn’t your mother’s lasagna. In fact, she would probably laugh at you if you tried to get away with calling this lasagna. Well the joke’s on your mother, as this lasagna recipe is awesome and won’t give... (more...)

Bennett’s Signature Grass Fed Beef Game Day Chili


There are thousands of chili recipes out there, so when you call one signature it better be unique and taste outstanding. With this recipe, I think we have accomplished just that. With the traditional base of onions, beef and tomatoes, we have enriched... (more...)

Grilled Chorizo, Onions and Peppers


One of our favorite products from Hudson Valley Harvest is Sugar Hill Farm’s Chorizo. It has no added sugar and minimal preservatives. Oh and one other bonus is that it gets sent directly to our front door from FreshDirect. Paired with some fresh... (more...)

Paleo Lamby Joes


I saw this on Paleo Newbie and it made me think of these “Lamby Joes” that I had at Six Plates Wine Bar in Durham, NC. The restaurant owner, Matthew Beason would not give me the recipe, but I knew it started with ground lamb and chorizo. I took... (more...)

Simply Grilled Swordfish


Wow! Swordfish is full of hidden goodness not just from its meaty eat like a steak texture, but from the hidden nutrients like Vitamin D3 you will find here. One caveat is that pregnant or breast-feeding women should avoid swordfish due to mercury content... (more...)

Grilled Lamb Chops


We eat a lot of lamb, I mean, have you ever seen a blog more dominated by lamb recipes relative to beef. Anyhow, summer is a perfect time to break out lamb chops, give them a nice grill, and enjoy them perfectly medium rare. I always make at least 8... (more...)

Grilled Apple Marinated Pork Chops


Dana says, “I never liked pork chops because I only remember them as drenched in Shake N Bake growing up.” Well, we dressed up this dish using some heritage pork chops from Fresh Direct. We marinate these chops in apples, avocado oil, and Dijon... (more...)

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