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Grilled Asian Flank Steak


Inspired by our Asian short rib recipe, I deviated from my go to balsamic and oil marinade with some Asian flavor that took flank steak from good to great. Make the marinade ahead of time so that the meat is infused with the flavor. In order to get... (more...)

Grilled Wild King Salmon


We saw Wild King Salmon on sale at Fresh Direct so we loaded up! We decided to try something new and brought some of our garden’s basil into the mix with some tamari, lemon juice, honey, and olive oil to bring a rich Asian flavored Salmon that we... (more...)

Garlicky Lemon Pepper Grilled Chicken


When I first met Dana she only ate salad and chicken…I know, how boring!!!  Anyhow, know that we have explored the wonderful world of grass fed beef and wild caught salmon together, I wanted her to see how flavorful chicken can be.  This wonderful... (more...)

Italian Style Slow Cooker Pot Roast


Ah pot roast, one of those favorite one-pot meals that slow cooks during the night or day and be ready for your next meal.  We love this version because it sparks the flavors of Dana’s Italian senses and literally melts in your mouth. We recommend... (more...)

Deconstructed Lamb Burger


If you can’t tell we like lamb. We make our lamb in a lot of different ways including roasted leg of lamb, loin chops, and burgers. For this version of our lamb burger, we stick to our guns on spices and deconstruct the burger with sliced bacon, sautéed... (more...)

Pistachio Crusted Alaskan Halibut


Did you know that Alaskan Halibut can grow well over 600 pounds? These usually aren’t the ones that are consumed since the best tasting Halibut are around 40-50 pounds. The last time I went fishing for Halibut was in Seward, AK where we easily caught... (more...)

Cumin Spiced Lamb Loin Chops


The only complaint Dana ever has about this recipe is that Lamb loin chops don’t have a ton of meat, which is true especially when sources from a grass fed source like Lava Lake Lamb; however, the flavor makes up for the lack of quantity in a big... (more...)

Oven Roasted Leg of Lamb


First, get your lamb from this place, Lava Lake Lamb or go down to your local butcher, Whole Foods, or specialty shop and purchase a grass fed bone-in leg of lamb. Now that you have a nice leg of lamb, marinate it right? Nope, I find that marinating... (more...)

Filet Mignon ‘Oscar’


When you think of an Oscar presentation of steak, maybe your mind goes directly to lump crabmeat served with a classic Béarnaise sauce. Our version takes a seared grass-fed filet, tops it with our crab cakes, and uses generous amount of Béarnaise... (more...)

Spicy Compote Butter Bison Burgers


Take some room temperature butter, Italian spices, a dash of cayenne, jalapenos with garlic and shallots, pair it with some ground buffalo, and what do you have?  Well, you have a spicy compote butter bison burger from Paleo Kitchen Stories.  In case,... (more...)

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