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Posts from: Recipes, Sauces

Remoulade Sauce


Remoulade is a  condiment that was invented in France and arguably made famous in Louisiana, mainly the French Quarter of New Orleans. This yummy sauce is all over Cajun cooking and we paired these over our crab cakes for a delicious blend of creamy... (more...)

Mint Pesto


Mint jelly? Mint gastrique? Mint Pesto? Regardless of the minty concoction mint sauces seems to be the quintessential pairing with lamb. Since its lamb season, this mint pesto is designed to pair with leg of lamb or lamb loin chops. It’s super easy,... (more...)

Mama’s Marinara Sauce


Ever since I met Dana, I heard about how great her family especially her mom’s Italian cooking was. There was a point of emphasis on how great the sauce or “gravy” is that they use in their family. It is a closely guarded secret, which I have... (more...)

Homemade Coconut Milk


Ok so if you get tired of searching your local supermarket for coconut milk that doesn’t have guar gum or some other preservative that might upset your stomach, then you can always make this recipe at home.  Dana and I add it to our coffee in the... (more...)

Blackberry Reduction Sauce


Did you know that a blackberry reduction sauce can be both savory and sweet?  You can use this same recipe to create a delicious reduction for a steak, duck, or salmon, but also sweeten it to dress up a “Paleo Bread Pudding.” Dana and I used this... (more...)

Basil Pistachio Pesto


I wouldn’t exactly call myself frugal, but every time I see pine nuts in the store, I can’t believe how much they cost. A substitute that I prefer for its richness and depth of flavor is to sub pistachios for pine nuts in pesto. Oh, I also omit... (more...)

Classic Béarnaise Sauce


What could be better than egg yolks and butter dressing your favorite grass-fed steak?  I can’t think of anything so here’s a classic Béarnaise recipe that is as decadent and rich as anything out there.  Dana and I enjoyed this sauce in an “Oscar”... (more...)