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Beet and Sweet Potato Salad


Salads are a great way to get in a ton of veggies. This isn’t your typical salad but it is very easy to make and simply refreshing for the summer months.

From our kitchen to yours, Bennett


2 large sweet potatoes
1 bunch of beets (3-4)
4 scallions
½ cup toasted pumpkin seeds
garlic lime vinaigrette


Peal the sweet potatoes and beets
Then us a spiralizer to cut the veggies into long curly strings
Use a pair of kitchen sheers to cut the pieces into manageable lengths
Mix the beet and sweet potatoes ribbons together in a large bowl
Then cut the scallion tops on an angle to make long rings
Sprinkle the salad with scallions and pumpkin seeds
Serve with our lime vinaigrette

Serves 4


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