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Cookie Dough Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches


I think I have explained my obsession with ice cream. I love it in every way. However, now with my egg allergy I need to watch what ice cream I do eat. So no better way to make your own and know what exactly I am eating. Enjoy this simple ice cream sandwhich recipe.

From our kitchen to yours, Dana


For ice cream
2 cans coconut milk, full fat
1 vanilla bean, scraped
½ cup pure maple syrup
Pinch of sea salt

For the cookie dough
2 cups cashew butter
½ cup browned Kerrygold grass-fed butter
¼ cup coconut flour
¼ cup raw honey
½ teaspoon sea salt
½ teaspoon vanilla
Dash of cinnamon
¾ cup Guittard Extra Dark Chocolate Chips


For the ice cream
Put all the ingredients in a blender (I used our vitamix) and mix until well combined
Pour mixture into the bowl of your ice cream maker and follow the instructions according to the manufacturer (my favorite is the ice cream attachment to our Kitchen Aid stand mixer)

For the cookie dough layers
Brown the butter by putting it in a shallow sauce pot on medium-low heat until it becomes a dark golden brown. You will know it’s ready when it smells like toffee
In a medium sized bowl add the cashew butter, browned butter, coconut flour and stir together
Next add the honey, sea salt, vanilla, cinnamon, and stir until combined
Cover the bowl and place it in the freezer for about 20 minutes
Remove from the freezer and fold in the chocolate chips
Line an 8×8 glass or metal pan with parchment paper
Divide the cookie dough into two equal halves
Take one of the halves and press it down evenly into the bottom of the parchment lined pan
Then grab the sides of the parchment paper and remove the layer of pressed cookie dough and set it aside
Now lay another sheet of parchment paper in the pan and repeat the process by adding the remaining half of cookie dough
Press down the same as before until it’s evenly distributed across the bottom of the pan
Then gently set the other layer of cookie dough, that you previously set aside, on top
Cover and place the pan back in the freezer to let the cookie dough layers harden for 20 minutes.
Once the dough is ready, uncover and grab the sides of parchment paper and remove the top layer of cookie dough
Set it aside
Scoop out the ice cream and use a rubber spatula to spread it evenly over the bottom layer of cookie dough that still remains in the
Once you have evenly distributed the ice cream layer, take the remaining cookie dough layer on the parchment paper that you set aside, flip it upside down on top of the ice cream layer and remove the parchment paper, which will now be on the top
Cover and put back in the freezer for at least 30 minutes or even overnight
Once it’s ready, run a large knife under water and allow it to heat up
Dry the knife and use it to cut your ice cream sandwiches
Use a spatula to remove each one from the pan and enjoy

Makes 6 sandwhiches 


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