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Creamy Mushroom with Bacon


What a decadent and rich starter to get your appetite going on any night that you are entertaining or just once something self-indulgent during the week.  I don’t think Dana really cared for mushrooms when we first met, but we have since expanded... (more...)

Coconut Lamb and Spinach Curry


One morning I was looking to make a breakfast curry. I first grabbed ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and star anise, but then I looked in the fridge and saw beautiful tomatoes and spinach. I decided Saag Gosht, a northern Indian dish, that is a tomato based... (more...)

Pacific Northwest Scrambled Eggs with Hot Smoked Salmon


Bennett grew up in Kirkland, WA, a suburb of Seattle. He has fond memories of the fresh seafood, especially Wild Caught Alaskan and Puget Sound Salmon. has become a frequent shipper to our residence and their hot smoked salmon came... (more...)

Washington Apple “Oatmeal”


I know what you are thinking: is oatmeal really that bad for me? Before I even go down that rabbit hole, why not consider an alternative that has become a staple in Dana’s diet. This recipe is near and dear to my heart because I grew up in Washington... (more...)

Crunchy Cauliflower Salad


Dana and I love to travel. We both have been to France separately but never together, until that can happen I thought I would make her this French salad.This quick and easy salad to accompany a dinner party or just any night you want a delicious, nutritious... (more...)

‘Creamed’ Spinach w/ Pancetta


Is there anything that pairs better with red meat than creamed spinach? You may think to get creamed spinach to mimic what you have had at your favorite steakhouse that you need heavy cream. This dairy-free version is full of flavor and won’t... (more...)

Seared Filet Mignon with a Red Wine Reduction


Oh man! If there is something I get excited for it’s cooking steak. Dana and I probably cook a nice grass fed filet 2 times a month. I love the technique of deglazing the pan (we use All-Clad Copper Core) with some red wine, shallots, and balsamic... (more...)

Orange Spiced Pot de Crème


Ok, who doesn’t love Chocolate? Dana definitely does. I first made this dairy-free version for Valentine’s Day and she was hooked. Strangely enough we made a dairy version the following night at a cooking class (Dana wasn’t still was... (more...)

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