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Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies


I love everything pumpkin! Maybe a reason why I love fall so much. These are a quick and easy recipe to make when you are craving pumpkin. If you have a husband who is a cookie monster I would recommend doubling the batch. From our kitchen to yours, Dana Ingredients 2... (more...)

Elk Short Ribs with Red Wine Braise


The first dreary Saturday of fall called for a trip to Fossil Farms – conveniently located about 30 minutes out of our residence in Hoboken in New Jersey.  This store is packed with exotic and game meats that I have always wanted to try from Yak,... (more...)

Gluten-free Smores Cupcakes


Smores…and cupcakes…that is perfection! These gluten-free treats are a dessert everyone in the family can enjoy. Nothing says summertime more then smores to me. Sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows brings back so many childhood... (more...)

Paleo Tiramisu Cheesecake


Tiramisu has always been one of my favorite desserts. I was thinking how I would make it and the biggest obstacle was the lady fingers. So what did I do? I decided to make my own lady fingers. This recipe may look harder to make then it is. It’s... (more...)

Paleo Blueberry Lime Cheesecake


My dad loves blueberries and cheesecake, so what better dessert to make for him for Father’s Day. This is a gluten-free, sugar free, and vegan dessert everyone can enjoy. It is great for warmer days because it requires no bake time! From our kitchen... (more...)

Quick Tuscan Scramble


I’m often surprised when I hear people say that they simply do not have the time to make Breakfast, eat healthy, or pause to enjoy a meal. Some of our recipes are certainly not for weekdays, but this quick Tuscan scramble might surprise you especially... (more...)

Creamy Dijon Dill Potato Salad


With white potatoes being Whole30 compliant now and since using white potatoes is relative to the amount of physical activity you do, we have been incorporating them back into our weekly meal plans. Also, we have loved Primal Kitchen’s Mayo and the... (more...)

Baked Sockeye Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce


You have definitely heard about the drastic over fishing that is putting many fish populations in jeopardy and putting pressure to find alternative ways to cultivate fish for human consumption. With this issue as a back group, we also want to ensure that... (more...)

No Bake Gluten-Free White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake (egg free)


Bennett loves cheesecake, I can take it or leave it. My grandmothers cheesecake is talked about around the tri-state area. I wanted to try making a cheesecake with a healthy organic twist. This is a no bake version; with no eggs and I used all organic... (more...)

Ice Cream Sandwich


The summer is here and my favorite thing to eat this season is ICE CREAM!Bennett loves cookies so I thought I would combine our two favorite sweets and make an imitation of the ice cream man’s cookies sandwich. This is a great treat for the family... (more...)

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