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Sautéed Swiss Chard


We love Swiss chard for its versatility; you can use the stem and leaves.  The stem is like a celery stalk and the leaves are the texture of spinach. It is also extremely colorful helping you stimulate the eye along side your favorite chicken, salmon or steak dish. The extra kick of spice in this version of sautéed swiss chard marry well with the sweetness of the chard. Try it out!!

From our kitchen to yours, Bennett


2 bunches swiss chard, large stems removed, cut into ½” pieces, and separated
1 cup bacon
1 tablespoon olive oil
½ cup chick or vegetable stock
2 cloves crushed garlic
Dash of cayenne pepper
Dash of crushed red peppers
Salt and pepper, to taste


Coat a large sauté pan lightly with olive oil
Add diced bacon, garlic and crushed red pepper
Bring the pan to medium heat
After a 1-2 minutes the garlic should be golden brown
Remove garlic from the pan and discard while continuing to crisp the bacon
Add swiss chard stems and the stock and cook until stock evaporates
Add the swiss chard leaves and cook until wilted
Season with salt, cayenne and crushed red pepper

Serves 4-5


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